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RICOH SC 899 Error

SC 899 Error
SC 899 Error

Understanding and Resolving the SC 899 Error in Ricoh Copiers

In older Ricoh copiers and other brands, a corrupted print job might cause the machine to freeze or lock up. However, with newer models, such print jobs can trigger an SC 899 Error code. While rebooting the copier can momentarily clear this error, it might reappear if the erroneous print job is sent again.

There are several theories behind the SC899 error code. Some attribute it to TrueType fonts, others to extensive print jobs, while a few believe it arises when printing from certain versions of the Adobe Reader browser plug-in or specific versions of Internet Explorer. Despite the varied reasons, resolving the SC899 error, particularly when caused by a flawed print job, can be straightforward with the right steps.

Causes of the SC899 Error:

  1. Driver Issues: Ensure all users have the correct driver set up, typically the model-specific PCL 6 configured with TCP/IP for the port. Avoid using the universal driver, WSD, or IPP for port type, as these can cause the SC899 error.

  2. Printing Dynamic Web Content: The SC899 error can also be triggered when users try to print screen captures of web pages with dynamic content like ads or videos. A safer alternative is to download documents first before printing.

  3. Browser Vs. Dedicated PDF Readers: Consider using a dedicated PDF reading program instead of web browser viewing for better printing results.

Locating the Problematic Print Job:

To identify the faulty print job, check the printer screen on the copier. Although the SC899 error will dominate the display, the file name or web address of the print job might still be visible. This information can help track down the user trying to print it.

Alternatively, open the print queue on any computer. An error message next to the problematic print job in the queue often reveals the source computer. Once identified, cancel the print job. Depending on the OS, this might require accessing Devices & Printers, Printers and Faxes, or restarting the print spooler.


If unsure whether the issue is a print job or data code:

  1. Turn off the machine.

  2. Disconnect the network cable.

  3. Power the machine back on and check if it's ready for copying.

  4. If successful, reconnect the network cable. Should an error occur upon the job reaching the printer, it indicates a corrupt job being sent.

Firmware Updates:

Most modern machines have built-in automatic updates. Simply activate it using SP5886-111 and set it to 1. While Ricoh has released several firmware updates to combat the SC899 error, always inquire about the latest updates during service visits. Additionally, ensure that applications, especially those causing the SC899 error, are up to date.

In conclusion, while the SC899 error can be bothersome, understanding its causes and solutions can make for smoother printing experiences with Ricoh copiers.



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